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Snow Surfing at the Mt. Bachelor Big Wave Challenge

It's been a temperamental summer in the PNW to say the least. A little bit of rain, alot more overcast in the month of July then anticipated, and now the humidity and heat is cranking back up and over here at Trew we need a little more then AC to cool the body and the mind. 

We decided to dig up some photos that we misplaced over the winter when we rallied down to Bend, Oregon for the famous Mt. Bachelor Big Wave Challenge. Grab yourself a cold whatever and hopefully each of these photos throws a cool wave of winter refreshment over you. Appreciate and enjoy your summer, we're just here to remind you it's snowing somewhere;)

The Big Wave Challenge is a snowboard-only "surf inspired" course. The focus isn't necessarily huge air or rotations but more on flow and line choice, similar to the art of making sections on a surfboard. No handrails, no insane booters, just steep quarter pipes and frozen wave-like transition.

While there's still a fair amount of hangtime involved in the event the real satisfaction as a spectator comes from watching contestants carve the tall banks. In those moments you can really see the similarities in motion that snowboarding and surfing share. 

Riders rally from across the country and the world to take part in this legendary event dreamed up by equally legendary surfer and Bend local, Gerry Lopez. 

Surf style snowboarding is increasing in popularity as new and heritage brands make these unique, directional shaped snowboards available. Check out Elevated Surfcraft and hear how founder Aaron Lebowitz differentiates between snowboarding and snow surfing.






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